It is that time of year to start looking forward to the latest interior design and color trends for the coming year. Tracking trends is all about observation of what is happening in a variety of industries, from flooring to fashion. So what is trending for 2014?


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Yellow is the trending leader for 2014. It can work great as an uplifting accent color, especially when paired with natural, earth tones. Teal Blue is still a popular choice and is a wonderful color to combine with most other colors. A darker apple Red will be also be a favorite, as well as organic tones such as Khaki.

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In 2014, we will see classic floral patterns replacing the geometric angles which have been popular over the last few years. Try updating your current look by introducing floral pillows to your existing decor.  If that thought is too overwhelming, consider a floral pattern on a white or neutral background.

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Designers have become very particular about what touches our skin.  Our home interiors need to feel good as well as look good. We want to be as pleased as much in the touch and texture as the color. Natural elements such as warm woods, soft comfortable fabrics, textured tiles that bring dimension and smooth sleek surfaces will be the main focus for 2014’s home decor.

(Photo by Laurauinteriordesign (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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