Solid Construction Hardwood Flooring

Solid construction hardwood flooring is a more traditional approach to wood flooring. Each piece of flooring is milled from a single ¾ inch think piece of hardwood. This hardwood option is both beautiful and durable.

Solid hardwood flooring is often found in older homes in Pennsylvania, assuming that the flooring is still original. Professional installation is very important to achieve the hardwood flooring results you desire. Let the professional hardwood flooring installers at Martin’s Flooring perform a free measurement of your home or business today! Add the best hardwood floor guarantee, and you can understand why Martin’s Flooring is the only option for your hardwood flooring.

Pros of Solid Construction Hardwoods


a solid construction hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished numerous times. It can be sanded to just above the tongue-and-groove of the boards. That means you can sand down nearly ¼ or an inch before running into and issues. Under normal wear and tear, it should take more than 100 years to sand that deep into the wood.


Solid hardwood floors add a sense of strength and value to your home.

Prestige and Pride

Every homeowner wants to feel a sense of uniqueness about their home. Solid construction hardwood flooring provides that. You can add to that feeling by choosing a wood species that fits the unique design of your home.

Cons of Solid Construction Hardwoods


In general, solid construction hardwood floors cannot be installed in basements or sunken living areas. Since solid hardwood can only be installed using staples, it cannot be placed over concrete or suspended wood without the added expense of installing furring strips or plywood.


Solid construction hardwood is susceptible to humidity and temperature. Changes in either cause it to expand or contract. This expansion and contraction can lead to peaks or gaps in the wood.