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Unsure of where to start with designing the rooms in your home? Find ideas and inspiration from our collection of amazing spaces, flooring products, and more!

  • Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood

    Whether it is solid or engineered, hardwood floors are a sound investment. While the initial price tag can be higher than some other types of flooring, hardwood is durable, comfortable and beautiful.
  • Caring for your Hardwood Floors over the Holidays

    It’s that festive time of year when families gather together to celebrate the Holidays and the beginning of a New Year. This usually means there will be lots of hanging out in the kitchen and living room for entertaining, snacking on Christmas cookies and even trying out that skateboard or bike that someone may get for Christmas. Your flooring and in particular your hardwood flooring is about to undergo heavy wear and tear.
  • Trends in Hardwood Flooring

    If you are looking to add genuine resale value and even more importantly, beauty to your home, installing hardwood flooring is the answer. Homeowners are definitely moving away from the traditional 2 ¼ inch hardwoods. 3 ¼ inch, 5 inch, even 7 inch wide planks are rapidly gaining in popularity.
  • Carpet Tile for Your Home

    Whether you call them carpet squares or carpet tiles, choosing them for your floors is a great option for today’s busy lifestyles.
  • Protect your Flooring from Winter Woes

    Have gorgeous wood flooring or luxuriously plush carpeting in your home or business space? Winter is not its friend, unfortunately. Harsh salt and wet snow tracked in on shoes and pet paws can damage flooring of many kinds, making it important to practice precaution during the next few months.
  • Add Style with an Area Rug

    Looking to add a pop of personality to your home that’s neither permanent nor pricey? Go with an area rug! Martin’s Flooring, with its four area locations, has an abundance of options to consider, as well as some suggestions as to why an area rug might be something you want to put on your holiday wish list.
  • We Get Carpets Cleaner

    With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, who has time for extra household chores? Unfortunately, those cleaning tasks are part of the “to do” task list if you’re hosting friends or family for a party or get together. After all, when your guests walk in the door, you want them to think festive and cheery, not fur-covered and smelly.
  • Let Martin’s Flooring Give your Floors the Red Carpet Treatment

    You’ve selected your flooring and have had it installed and the results are stunning. So now what? You’ll want to maintain that spectacular status, of course!
  • plush carpet

    The Benefits of Choosing Carpeting for your Home

    Just when hardwood floors seem to be getting all the attention in home design these days (and we have those here at Martin’s Flooring too!), those shopping for new flooring shouldn’t dismiss carpeting too quickly.
  • Kitchen and Living Room hardwood flooring

    Invest in Hardwood Flooring for your Home

    Who doesn’t love the look of a gorgeous hardwood floor? And while you may think replacing old carpeting in your home is cost-prohibitive, there are in fact actually many options to do so, some quite affordable.
  • Natural Stone Floor

    Natural Stone- Beauty Inspired by Nature

    Natural stone floors are a beautiful accent to your home and come in a variety of textures and styles. Stone floors are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and entryways but can also create a unique look in other areas of your home.
  • super soft carpet

    The Secret of Super-Soft Carpets

    What is carpet? A soft floor covering, right? But, how soft is soft? And what makes some carpets softer than others? In this post, we will explain what makes some carpets softer than others.
  • Stone flooring tile

    Flooring FAQ’s – Tile (Part 2)

    In this installment of our series “Flooring FAQ’s”, we continue with the most common questions about tile flooring: Q. Is it necessary to use a sealant on the new tile?
  • Empire Tile Bathroom

    Flooring FAQ’s- Tile

    In this installment of our series “Flooring FAQ’s”, we will answer the most common questions about tile flooring: Q. If something is dropped on tile flooring, will the tile break? A. If something fragile like a glass or porcelain dish is dropped
  • Beautiful Design Made Simple- Carpet Tiles

    If you are in the market for carpet, you might want to look into carpet tile. Carpet tiles, which are also called carpet squares or modular carpet tiles, provide the comfort of carpet with added flexibility.
  • Basement Flooring Options

    There is a wide array of options available in choosing flooring for a basement. The choice will be largely determined by the activities the floor will be subjected to, along with the buyer’s style and budget.
  • Protecting your Wood Surfaces Over the Holidays

    The holiday season is a time that families gather each year to share stories, catch up on what everyone has been doing all year, and most importantly eat! Often times, home owners get so caught up in planning their menus that they forget to think about the things they can do to protect their hardwood flooring or maybe even the beautiful wooden table that everyone gathers around to eat.
  • Area Rugs

    With the growing popularity of “Hard Surface” flooring products, such as hardwood and ceramic tile, area rugs are becoming an increasingly popular way to warm and beautify your favorite living space. A complimentary area rug can instantly transform a room from cold to classy, or from dull to dazzling!