Glass Tile

Glass tile is a modern, elegant tiling option that will add value and beauty to any home. Glass tile is available in a wide range of attractive mosaics that will make the perfect backsplash in the kitchen or bath.

Choosing Glass Tile

The expert installers at Martin’s Flooring have been extensively trained to create and install beautiful glass mosaics in any room in your home.

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Benefits of Glass Tile

Glass tile is resistant to water as well as the mold and mildew that frequently accompany it. These tiles are highly reflective of any light and can convey an unlimited number of hues, creating the perfect decorators tool. The radiant colors that are created with glass tile can span the range from soft florals to modern graphics, fitting any d├ęcor. These tiles can be made of recycled glass, making them a very green remodeling material.

Drawbacks of Glass Tile

Glass tile, while a durable material, is still more delicate than ceramic or porcelain tiling. This type of tile is very susceptible to scratches and frequently has to be replaced after several years, but only when used as flooring tile. These tiles can easily break if something is dropped from a height. This susceptibility to scratches and breakage are the main reasons that glass should be used as a backsplash or bathroom material. Glass is expensive and difficult to install. The best glass tiles may cost upward of $30 per square foot. If not properly installed, the adhesive can be seen through the tiling, so glass tile should always be professionally installed.