Sure, you vacuum the carpeting in your home regularly, even calling upon carpet cleaners in Lancaster religiously to clean the carpets professionally.

But are you maintaining your carpets on a regular basis? Here are some suggestions you may wish to follow to ensure your carpets receive a deep clean.

  • Your first step is to take a carpet rake to your carpet. This will allow your vacuum to remove more dirt that’s been ground into your carpet. Carpet raking – also known as dry soil removal – is an important step in cleaning your carpet because professional carpet cleaners in Lancaster will tell you that more than 80 percent of this kind of dirt is insoluble – meaning it can’t be broken down and removed with water and cleaning solvents.
  • You then should find a good pre-treatment or pre-conditioner to help raise the oily dirt from your carpet’s fibers. (We can help you find the best pre-treatment). This will help ensure the dirt is removed during the rinsing and extraction process. Mix the treatment in with your carpet rake and aim to use a treatment/conditioner with an alkaline ph of no more than 10.
  • You’ll then take you’re your cleaning equipment (make sure it has terrific extraction power) and remove the cleaning and soiling materials from your carpet. We recommend using a rinsing solution that has a ph scale between 2 and 4.5 (making it on the acidic side) which helps neutralize your pre-treatment/pre-conditioner mentioned above). This also leaves your carpets at a ph that’s neutral and residue-free.
  • If you find that your carpets retain rust, make up or other spots, you’ll more than likely need to use a professional carpet cleaner. (If in doubt as to where to get top-notch spot cleaners, contact our carpet cleaners in Lancaster). Rinse the spot area after using the spot removers.
  • Take your carpet rake and “groom” your carpets. This will help your carpets dry more quickly. If possible, place a high-speed fan in the room to help dry your carpet. Your carpet should be dry in 2-4 hours.

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