There is a wide array of options available in choosing flooring for a basement. The choice will be largely determined by the activities the floor will be subjected to, along with the buyer’s style and budget. Begin with evaluating the specifications the floor should meet. For example, it might be a living area, a game room/playroom, or a TV room.

Many people opt to put carpet in basement living areas, and that is a great choice. Berber carpets are often selected for these areas, as they are exceptionally durable and generally show the effects of traffic and wear less than standard “plush” carpets.

Basements are often used as playrooms/gamerooms. Playroom floors should be resilient, durable, and easy to clean. Children are likely to take many falls, so it would be best to avoid very hard materials like stone or tile. Many people again opt for carpeting in a playroom, as it provides a soft surface. Carpet has a disadvantage though, in that is more susceptible to staining than “hard surface” flooring. Carpet tiles are also a great option, since a stained carpet tile can be individually removed and replaced.

Vinyl products are also a great choice for basements. They look fantastic, are soft and warm under foot, and are among the easiest floors to maintain. Vinyl products are available in either sheet or individual tile/plank formats.

Another alternative choice is either laminate or cork flooring. Both will offer a warm look, and cork will be softer under foot than laminate. Cork is also very naturally moisture resistant and sound retardant.

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