In the midst of the harsh, cold winter months, it is very important to maximize energy conservation and efficiency. Without energy efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. With them, a home has increased protection against heat loss during the winter, as well as minimizing the sun’s heat or “solar heat” during the summer.

It’s a scientific fact that heat is attracted to cold. In winter months, indoor heating moves toward and escapes through windows to the outdoors, while in summertime, the outside heat flows into your home through these same windows. This infrared diagram below shows the greatest areas of heat transfer in a typical home.

Well constructed, energy efficient window treatments can help insulate homes, leading to reduced energy consumption, savings on heating and cooling costs, and a more comfortable room setting. A blind with a “cell-in-cell” construction is the most effective way to accomplish this. The inner cell (visible in the diagram) traps and holds the heat, preventing this unwanted energy transfer:

In addition to superior insulating qualities, these cellular window treatments also offer sun protection, filtering out harmful ultraviolet rays. And they allow you to draw natural light deeper into a room, reducing your energy costs for other types of lighting. And all the while without sacrificing beauty and style!

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