Summer is over and the kids are back in school, and this means that the kids will be hanging out in the kitchen and living room for after-school snacks and homework. This also means that the holidays are right around the corner and your hardwood flooring is about to undergo heavy wear and tear. Martin’s Flooring is Lancaster PA’s flooring experts, and by following our simple hardwood floor care tips, your hardwood floor will not only survive, but continue to impress throughout the holiday seasons.

At Martin’s Flooring, we understand that the average homeowner is “un-averagely” busy, especially during the holidays. And that’s why the floor care tips we have developed are simple, not time consuming and mainly preventative so that your hardwood flooring remains brilliant for years to come.

This time of year also means that temperatures are changing on a weekly basis. It is important to realize that hardwood is a natural product and will react to environmental changes such as humidity. Maintaining humidity levels of 45-55% at room temperatures of 68-72 degrees will help stabilize your flooring’s atmosphere.

Simple suggestions to keep your hardwood floor looking new:

  • Clean up spills promptly using a soft cloth and manufacturer-recommended cleaning product. It’s also a good idea to make sure your children and/or roommates are aware of the proper floor care accoutrement.
  • Placing area rugs in heavy traffic areas will help reduce the wear of your hardwood floor.
  • Trim and clean pets nails and paws.
  • Vacuum your floor once a week using a soft brush or felt head.

For more hardwood floor care tips, check back for new blogs.

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