There was a period of time within the last decade when carpet was taboo. Homeowners sought after homes that featured hardwood floors, or other floor covering options that resembled hardwood. It’s not to say that those days are gone, however carpet is making a slow, but steady, return.

What are the advantages of carpet? Customization is key. While hardwood floors can be beautiful, rustic and natural, for the most part they maintain a similar look. Carpeting is easier to match with your (and your home’s) personality and lifestyle. At Martin’s Flooring, we have almost 30 years of experience serving the carpeting needs of those in the Harrisburg, PA area. Our arsenal of carpeting options includes classic, berber, trendsetter, active and more – with hundreds of styles and thousands of colors, there is truly something for everyone.

Additionally, carpeting is imperative for those whole live in multi-unit housing situations. Carpeting has always been know for its sound-proofing abilities which is crucial when you have neighbors close by. Furthermore, carpet provides a soft alternative to hardwood flooring which is ideal for small children and pets.

Martin’s Flooring offers the easiest carpet purchasing and installation process in Harrisburg, PA and surrounding Southeast PA Counties. Visit one of our locations to peruse our carpet options and speak with one of our installation specialists to ensure that you are choosing the proper carpet to meet the needs of your home and your family.

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