With so many different flooring options available, selecting the right flooring for your child’s bedroom or playroom can be overwhelming. In this blog post we will help you break down your choices and give you the pros and cons of each.

Some of the most important features when choosing flooring for a kid’s room are safety, durability and the ability to clean it easily. Flooring that has some ‘give’ would be ideal to soften falls and prevent injury. But, the floor would still have to be durable enough to withstand spills, falling toys and wear and tear from dragged play toys.

  • Sheet Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile are perfect choices, because they are easy to clean and warm under foot
  • Laminate flooring is another feasible option which is easy to maintain, but not as spill–resistant
  • Cork offers all the desired features and is green choice which is durable and comfortable underfoot
  • Hardwood flooring can fall victim to children’s toys, spills and rough–housing
  • Carpet is soft underfoot, but can stain easily. Be sure to choose carpet that is stain resistant
  • Tile is great because it’s almost damage proof, but it’s a very hard so tumbles and falls on tile will result in bumps and bruises

If you love the flooring you currently have and don’t want to replace it, you could possibly look into an area rug to go on top of it. Many are available which will coordinate with the decor of the “kid space” you are re-decorating.

Still not sure which option would be the best for you? Stop in to any of our showrooms and we will be happy to help you decide!

Keep checking back for more useful flooring tips and tricks!

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