Is it real hardwood flooring?????

No, actually it is a “wood look” porcelain tile! Very beautiful and hard to distinguish from the real thing, but much more durable, as well as being extremely stain and water resistant. This porcelain tile is great for any room in the house, including kitchens and bathrooms. It can even be used in a shower!!

Thanks to significant advances in tile making and digital printing techniques, you can get porcelain tiles that look and feel just like real wood. Manufacturers are able to print wood grain in super high resolutions on porcelain tiles that are made with the texture of real wood.

Porcelain tile is among the easiest of flooring materials to clean. It can be easily swept or vacuumed twice a week. You can also clean your tile with a damp sponge mop. There are a number of good tile cleaning solutions on the market, or you can use a solution of 1/4 cup of white vinegar to 2 gallons of water, allowing time for drying.

Keep checking back for more information on some of our other new hardwood flooring and tile products!

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