Introducing Innovia, the revolutionary new carpet technology, blending the ultimate in softness with long lasting beauty. This incredibly soft and durable carpet has to be seen and felt to be appreciated! It is manufactured with an ultra-soft feel that is more comfortable to the touch than traditional carpets, yet it is strong enough to withstand even the highest level of foot traffic. The revolutionary “SmartStrand” technology in the fibers provide the highest level of texture retention in the industry.

Innovia also has a unique stain and soil protection built into the actual fiber, not just a surface treatment.  No matter how much the carpet is walked on or cleaned, its stain and soil protection remains the same, and will not wash or wear off. This protection is so effective that it allows the carpet, in most cases, to be cleaned with water, and nothing more!

Innovia is also a very environmentally friendly choice, due to the use of  corn products in the production of the fiber. Also, because in most cases it can be cleaned with just water, there is no need to use any harsh cleaning products that may emit fumes into the air. It is simply a healthier choice for your home!

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