At Martin’s Flooring, we understand the diverse flooring issues you have in the worship environment, from addressing mixed use spaces and environmental considerations to the need for low maintenance and lasting value. We are here to serve you and your congregation to provide the perfect floors. We provide professional, local-based installation to assure it is done right, and provide scheduling based around your needs. From planning to installation we have you covered.

Do you hold weekly functions throughout the year and have noticed that there is significant wear and tear where there is heavy foot traffic? Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of carpet tile, the easy care of waterproof luxury vinyl tile or planks, or the classic look of wide plank hardwood, we have product solutions for every space in your building. Backed by industry-leading warranties, our broad range of commercial flooring options include: carpet tile, luxury vinyl (planks and tile), broadloom carpet, ceramic tile, vinyl composite tile, and sheet vinyl.

The worship area houses a large crowd and attracts major visitor focus as well. That is why durability and flexibility should be your priority while considering the church flooring ideas for this space. The best choices you can integrate are hardwood flooring or carpets for your church flooring ideas.

The bathroom is a commonly used space and needs the best flooring options. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are two of the best church flooring ideas for a church bathroom as they are long-lasting, affordable, maintenance-free, and non-porous in nature.

Luxury Vinyl has also become a preferred alternative flooring for multi-purpose rooms and foyers due to its durability and design versatility. Hardwood is also a natural, authentic option that can makes a lasting impression in church lobbies.

We would love to talk to you about your needs in your church. Schedule an appointment today with our Commercial Team!

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