We have officially entered the Summer of 2015.  As you plan your vacation and other summer activities, don’t forget about your flooring.  Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your new floors are prepared for the hot, humid days ahead.

  • Use blinds and curtains to keep your floors from being exposed to direct sunlight. Most people like natural light.  I’m not advocating keeping your blinds closed at all times, just when the sun is directly shining on your floors is when you should.  This will protect them from fading or getting discolored from the direct sunlight.  Plus, closed curtains will make your air conditioner run more efficiently too.
  • Use door mats at all outside entrances.  There is a lot more in and out traffic during the summer.  Mud, dirt, grit, sand and small pebbles to name a few can end up soiling your carpets or even damaging your hard surface flooring.  Sand, grit and dirt tracked in on hardwood floors can act like sandpaper when it is ground in to the surface, scratching the finish.  Securely placed* door mats can help extract these things from shoes keeping the outside elements outside and not on your floors. (*Make sure your door mats are securely placed, so they do not become slip or trip hazards, especially for the young and seniors.)
  • Vacuum your floors instead of sweeping using the bare floor attachment, not the beater bar. The beater bar is for carpet only, and can damage your floor.  This will help extract some of the elements that make it past the mat, so they don’t end up damaging your floors.
  • Check the felt tips under the legs of chairs and tables, and replace as needed. These will eventually pick up dirt and grit, and if not changed regularly can end up scratching the finish on your floors.  The more outside elements tracked inside, the greater likelihood of some of it adhering to these floor protectors.
  • Keep the humidity levels in your home between 35 and 55% which is the range recommended by flooring manufacturers during the humid summer months. Too much or too little humidity can have a damaging effect on your floors causing cupping and warping.  Installing a de-humidifier can help maintain proper home humidity levels in the summer.  (Remember – winter has the opposite effect in homes, when the heated air becomes extremely dry, which can cause cracking and splitting.  A whole house humidifier is recommended to keep this from happening.)

Following these simple tips can help you enjoy your beautiful flooring for many years to come.

Your Martin’s sales and product specialist would be happy to answer your questions and provide expert advice on maintaining your floors.  For more information click here.

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