With the growing popularity of “Hard Surface” flooring products, such as hardwood and ceramic tile, area rugs are becoming an increasingly popular way to warm and beautify your favorite living space. A complimentary area rug can instantly transform a room from cold to classy, or from dull to dazzling!

Tips for Choosing an Area Rug:

  1. Take into consideration the colors, patterns, and styles of the room and any furnishings or home decor to help coordinate your selection.
  2. To help visualize how a rug would fit, use masking tape to create a border on the floor where the rug will lie. Once you have the tape placed exactly where you want the rug, you can measure the length and the width and use that measurement to determine which size rug you’ll need.
  3. Place the rug in a way that is right for the room. Not every room will have one rug right in the middle of the floor. For example, in a bedroom, you could place a rug at the foot or sides of the bed, or if there are two beds, you could place a rug in the middle.
  4. Leave some room around the rug. When you place a room-sized or oversized rug, leave at least 8 to 12 inches between the edges of the rug and the walls for the best effect.

Recommended Rug Sizes by Room Size:

Room sizeRug size
4′ x 6′ to 5′ x 7′3′ x 5′
6′ x 9′ to 7′ x 10′5′ x 8′
9′ x 11′ to 10′ x 12′8′ x 10′
10′ x 13′ to 11′ x 14′9′ x 12′
11′ x 16′ to 12′ x 17′10′ x 15′

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