Tile flooring in your bathroom can go a long way to helping this small but oh-so-important space become beautiful. Bathroom tiles come in many different shapes, sizes, patterns, textures and colors — you’ll find tile for any type of decor you seek.

Here are some ideas to help you design your bathroom tile flooring.

If you decide to go with a solid color for your floor, consider adding a tile border of a different color to the floor. You also could create a border by alternating different colors.

Consider a grout color that contrasts with the main color of your tile flooring. Going for a white tile floor? What about using yellow or blue grout? You’ll want to be sure you apply sealers to your grout lines in the areas where your floor will receive considerable wear since sealers will preserve and protect your grout’s color.

If you’re placing tile on your floors and walls, and if the color is the same, consider choosing wall tiles of a different size. Or think about laying the tiles at a diagonal on the wall — this gives you a more interesting effect.

If you do decide to go with one main color, consider adding tiles in different shapes or textures to add interest.

Floral tiles will give your bathroom a Victorian or romantic feel. Consider placing tile flooring in colors such as light blue, green or pink. (You also may want to consider placing a hand-painted ceramic sink in the bathroom to add to the romantic ambience. Perhaps a wooden floor?)

For that South-of-the-Border or Mediterranean feel, place terra-cotta tile flooring in the room. See if you can add some hand-painted tiles to the floors. As for the sink countertop, you might want to place a mix of the hand-painted tiles with a plain color. Aim for warm or earth tones with a splash of color.

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