If you are in the market for carpet, you might want to look into carpet tile. Carpet tiles, which are also called carpet squares or modular carpet tiles, provide the comfort of carpet with added flexibility.

Carpet tiles make it very easy to deal with difficult stains which might permanently damage other carpets, such as red wine and mustard. If a piece or portion of your carpet gets stained or damaged, you can replace only the damaged material, rather than changing out an entire room (or more). This feature makes carpet tiles a great option for high usage/high maintenance areas, such as dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and basements.

Carpet squares are green products which help promote environmental responsibility. Not only do they often include recycled materials in their construction, but there is usually less waste to throw away after an installation. Also, if an entire room (or more) is not being replaced due to damage, this again allows for much less throw away material.

Carpet tiles also allow you to let your design imagination run wild! Watch this short video and see what we mean:

So next time you are thinking about new carpet for your favorite space, try thinking about carpet tiles. You might just fall in love with these fabulous fuzzy squares!

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