With the onset of winter, keeping carpets clean in Lancaster PA can be quite a challenge! To prolong the life and beauty of your carpet, as well as to preserve your warranty, it is essential that you maintain it according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Besides regular vacuuming, virtually all carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned on a periodic basis. Hot water extraction, or “Steam Cleaning”, is the method required by most manufacturers. Cleaning methods which employ the use of chemicals or soaps should generally be avoided, since this can leave a residue on your carpet which then can cause dirt to adhere to the fibers. Martin’s Flooring Professional Carpet Cleaning Service uses powerful machines which heat water to the right temperature, apply it properly, and then extract it almost completely. Many home carpet cleaning machines (as well as some other “professional” services) do not perform to these same standards. They often apply too much/not enough water, water that is not hot enough/too hot, use soaps/chemicals, etc. In addition, these machines and methods often fail at properly extracting water back out of the carpet or upholstery which can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, as well as delamination.

To sum up, vacuum regularly to pick up loose dirt and debris, but leave your carpet cleaning to Martin’s Flooring Professional Carpet Cleaning Service!

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