Martinʼs Carpet Cleaning Service, a division of Martinʼs Flooring, has been serving the Lancaster PA area for over a decade. Whether your home features classic, casual, sophisticated or active carpet, Martinʼs floor care professionals can identify the safest, most effective way to care for it.

What makes Martinʼs different is that all Martinʼs Flooring carpet cleaning services use truck-mounted equipment, hot water extraction cleaning (recommended by carpet manufacturers), and a rotating carpet cleaning head. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, our cleaners include the pretreatment of your carpet, moving your furniture, spot treatments for stains, and baseboard cleaning and edging.

For small spills and stains, some spot treatments can be moderately effective, however there are things that can permanently damage your carpet; things like blood, red wine, some types of food, grape juice and more. The longer those stains sit without being attended to, the less likely they are to be extracted via spot treatments or carpet shampooers. In those cases, itʼs best to consult a professional carpet cleaning company. Martinʼs Flooring also offers tips on how to regularly care for your carpet on the Martinʼs Flooring blog that can improve the overall quality of your carpeting day-today.

Martinʼs Flooring has provided the highest quality flooring products coupled with outstanding customer-friendly service and guaranteed installation throughout Southeast Pennsylvania since 1985. Martinʼs Flooring Lancaster is located next to INTER!ORS at 3130 Columbia Avenue in Lancaster. Visit us at or call 717.406.1662.

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