You’re looking for some new flooring for your living room, – a big decision as far as decorating goes – and you’ve decided on carpet flooring. Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice.

First of all, you’re in good company – carpet is the flooring of choice for most people in the United States.

Why is carpet flooring so good? One reason is that improvements in the making of carpet fibers enable manufacturers to make carpets in a wider variety of textures, colors, styles, and prices than any other kind of flooring.

Carpet flooring is also one of the least expensive types of flooring you can buy. It’s a great value as an investment in the beauty of your home.

It’s also safer and more comfortable than other types of flooring. It is resistant to slipping, and because it’s softer, it is more friendly to breakable objects if they should fall.

Also, carpet acts as a very good insulator against the cold, which helps lower the cost of heating and air conditioning. Carpet also reduces noise better than other flooring, and, according to the EPA, it is also more effective in catching particles that can aggravate allergies, if the carpet is cleaned on a regular basis.

Carpet is also durable. Because of improvements in the manufacture of carpeting, it can be made for practically any environment, whether in the home or business. It is resistant to wear and tear, dirt and stains.

And the styles and colors of carpeting available are numerous. You can get any type and color to fit any price range and any room, whether you go with wall-to-wall or carpet squares.

Wall-to-wall carpet is excellent for reducing noise, and also is an effective insulator – even more so if the padding underneath is thicker and the fibers of the carpet are packed closely together. It’s softer and warmer than other types of flooring, and so kinder to small children and older adults. A carpeted staircase also is safer than a bare staircase. And wall-to-wall carpeting is generally less expensive than other types of flooring.

Carpet squares are nice because you don’t have to be a carpet flooring professional to install them. They are not hard to put in, and they don’t take a lot of time to install. You can use them to replace areas where the carpeting is worn. They are not expensive, and you can get them in a range of sizes and colors.

If you’re looking for great carpeting at a terrific price, give us a call here at Martin’s Flooring. We’ve been serving residents of southeast Pennsylvania since 1985 and we’d love to show you how new carpet flooring can make your home look, well, like new! Contact us today!

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