So you know what you want to do with a design project – be it adding or replacing carpeting, hanging window treatments, or the like, but you just don’t know what color palette to choose. Perhaps you’re stuck on just what tone is “you.” It’s likely because color reflects moods and emotions. Here’s a breakdown of what feelings some popular colors evoke. Perhaps it will help in your decision making process…

Red. Red is attention grabbing and energetic. Its vibrancy reflects excitement, but it can also be interpreted as aggressive.

Yellow. Opposite of red mood-wise, yellow is seen as cheerful and positive, yet still is energetic.

Orange. Also an energy color, orange is seen as playful and childlike. It could be ideal for a child’s bedroom, particularly as an accent.

Blue. Blue brings on a feeling of security, making it a popular design color. Baby blue is big in calming bathroom spaces.

Green. Also a calm, tranquil shade, green is seen as refreshing, soothing and tranquil.

Beige. Want something safe and neutral. You might want to go with beige; it’s a classic.

Burgundy.  If you’re looking to transform a space to a regal, royal feel, burgundy is your best bet. It’s often seen as elegant and expensive.

Purple. Purple also gives off a regal air, but it’s also seen as romantic, mysterious and sensual. Often it is a great bedroom color.

Black. Want to go bold and powerful. Black is probably your shade. But don’t overdo it. The color is seen as classic and serious, but works best in accent pieces.

White. Very popular, but difficult to keep clean, white is seen as innocent and simple.

If you’re torn between a few tones for your home carpet, window treatments and the like, look no further than to one of Martin’s Flooring’s four locations in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Denver and Wyomissing. Our Shop at Home service brings design options right to you! For more info call 717-445-1786 or schedule an appointment online.

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