Walk into any room. What do you see first? The floor, probably. Yes, the walls and furniture also “hit” you, but the flooring in Lancaster homes probably has the biggest impact on how a room “feels” to you.

When you enter a room that “speaks” to you, what is it saying? Are you enjoying its coziness? Is it modern and sleek? Or does it evoke a Spartan-feel, spare and free of clutter? Which of these rooms make you feel the most comfortable, the most secure, the most “yourself”?

Was there a favorite room in your childhood home, or a grandparents’ or friends’ house? Why was it your favorite? Was it cozy? Was it light and bright? Did you feel safe there, or did you feel energized and able to do anything?

Now, think about its flooring. Lancaster homes often have hardwood floors with rugs of various sizes upon them. Many have wall-to-wall carpeting. Kitchens can be linoleum, tile or hardwood.

A room’s flooring has a major affect on a room’s “feel.” Here are some tips to help you search for flooring in Lancaster:

Think of the room’s function. Wall-to-wall carpeting rarely works well in a kitchen, but is often great for a family room, living room and bedroom. Have you ever been in a bathroom that had hardwood floors? Felt a bit “odd,” didn’t it. That’s because tile and linoleum work best in bathrooms.

What kind of mood do you want the room to have? Natural flooring such as hardwoods soften and “warm” a room. Tiling, depending on the colors and any patterns on the tiles, can help a room look sleek and modern, cute and charming or even harsh and uninviting. Your choice of flooring in Lancaster goes a long way to enhance — or hurt — the mood you want to set in the room.

How much maintenance and care are you willing to expend on your flooring in Lancaster? Are you willing to spend the time and the money to maintain a hardwood floor? If not, a laminate floor — one that has the look of wood — may be your best bet.

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