In this installment of our series “Flooring FAQ’s”, we will talk about the most common questions about hardwood:

  1.  How do I care for my new hardwood floor?
  2.  Caring for hardwood floors is easy! Frequent sweeping or vacuuming (with soft attachments) to remove loose dirt and soil is generally all that is required.

Q. What can I do to minimize scratches and indentations on my new hardwood floor?

A. The finish on hardwood floors provides resistance to everyday scratches. However, it is a good idea to also use floor protectors under the feet of your furniture. If you have casters on your furniture, make sure they are barrel-type wheels (a minimum of 1″ continuous width is recommended). When moving furniture, use extra caution. Never drag furniture to a new location, but always lift. Also, be aware that certain shoe types, like stiletto heels, can damage hardwood because of the pressure exerted through them. Finally, if you have pets, remember to keep their nails trimmed.

Q. Since hardwood is a natural product, what are some of the characteristics I should be aware of?

A. Hardwood may have naturally occurring characteristics such as mineral streaks, small knots, grain variations, etc. No two pieces of wood are the same, and color or other variations can occur.

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