In this installment of our series “Flooring FAQ’s”, we will answer the most common questions about tile flooring:

Q. If something is dropped on tile flooring, will the tile break?

A. If something fragile like a glass or porcelain dish is dropped, it will most likely break when it hits the tile floors,  and there is possibility that the tile may crack or chip because it is also made from ceramic or porcelain. Your best approach is to be cautious and recognize this risk, while still enjoying the beauty of your tile floor.

Q. What is involved in replacing a single tile?

A. Since there are three elements involved in removing the old tile and replacing it with a new matching tile, this is best left to a professional installer. Using the right technique and tool is critical. At a nominal cost, the grout must be removed, the tile chipped away, and the floor adhesive thoroughly removed before the replacement tile can be installed.

We will learn more about tile FAQ’s in our next installment.

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