Summer is here and it’s time to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors. The good news is, with great outdoor decor, you don’t have to lose all the comforts of the indoors while you enjoy the summer weather. Interior Stylist Paul Semkuley of re:Source Lifestyles shares his secrets for creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space.

1. Plan Your Space

Paul’s first task when designing an outdoor living space is to establish a great foundation with a multi-functional seating area. “A cube can function as a table as well as additional seating,” says Paul. OutdoorLivingArea

2. Outdoor Design Basics

Once you’ve established a foundation with furniture, there are a few other key pieces you’ll want to look for next. A great area rug will help pull the space together. “You can choose something that will be bright and bold or neutral and calming,” says Paul. “It will help set the tone for your space.” Lighting is something that you may forget in an outdoor space. Of course, you’ll have the natural light of the sun but adding lanterns and overhead lighting will help transition your space from day to night. OutdoorDecor

3. Invest in Key Spaces

Designing an outdoor living space can be overwhelming. If budget is a key factor for you, focus your funds on quality furnishings. “A sectional with a couple chairs is probably your best bet,” says Paul. “Just make sure you look for durable, weather-resistant materials. Cushions should be made of high-density foam so they will last through the years.” You can may thriftier choices on your accessories as these can easily be changed out from year to year. OutdoorLivingArea

4. Designing for Comfort

The last step to creating that perfect outdoor living area is to bring some of the comforts of indoors out. Comfortable pillows and accents complete the look. Your space will look and feel complete. “My clients are often amazed at how comfortable and relaxing and outdoor living area can be,” said Paul.

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