Have gorgeous wood flooring or luxuriously plush carpeting in your home or business space? Winter is not its friend, unfortunately. Harsh salt and wet snow tracked in on shoes and pet paws can damage flooring of many kinds, making it important to practice precaution during the next few months.

What can you do? A few things. Consider:

1. Adding floor mats and area rugs. You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t forget to wipe your feet!” It’s especially true January through March when our area sees its fair share of snow, sleet and freezing rain conditions. The first line of defense in protecting your flooring is adding a mat outside each entry door. Then add a second one just as you come inside for extra insurance.

2. Don’t forget Fido. Pets going in and out of the home for potty trips can really add up when it comes to bringing in salt and grit. It’s not good for their paws, and it’s not good for your floors, either. Something as simple as keeping hypoallergenic baby wipes by the door to wipe your furry friend’s feet off before they take a trip around your home keeps things tidy. Your pet probably won’t like the wiping process, but he or she will like keeping potentially painful grime from between his or her toes.

3. Increase your cleaning routine. Additional vacuuming will likely be in order during the winter time. If you can afford it, you may want to invest in professional floor cleaning too, especially if you have light-colored carpeting.

Just be sure as you’re cleaning with caution. Make sure that you’re using chemicals that are appropriate for your type of flooring. Have questions? Contact a Martin’s Flooring professional for help at 717-445-1786 or click here to book a cleaning.

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