The holiday season is a time that families gather each year to share stories, catch up on what everyone has been doing all year, and most importantly eat!  Often times, home owners get so caught up in planning their menus that they forget to think about the things they can do to protect their hardwood flooring or maybe even the beautiful wooden table that everyone gathers around to eat.

Protect your hardwood flooring by placing area rugs throughout the home in high traffic areas.  Ask guests wearing heels to remove them upon entering, as high heels are one of the hardest things on your flooring.  Be sure to clean up spills immediately.  After everyone has left, be sure to sweep and mop.  This will help to keep any debris that was tracked in from scratching your floors finish.

While your floor is important, it is also important to remember to protect the finish on your dining room table should it be wood.  Before setting hot dishes on your table, be sure to remember to place a pot holder under the dish.  This will prevent the hot dish from dulling your finish or scratching it.  If you are planning a large meal like most families it may be a good idea to purchase a table pad and place it under the table cloth.  This will protect the whole table from not only heat and scratches but spills also.

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