Just when hardwood floors seem to be getting all the attention in home design these days (and we have those here at Martin’s Flooring too!), those shopping for new flooring shouldn’t dismiss carpeting too quickly.

Why? There are benefits to cushioning your floors. Take young children, for instance, that extra barrier of protection from slips and falls is definitely a welcome one. You might also be looking for the warm and cozy feeling carpeting can offer your home environment. Think of those soon-to-come winter months. Other benefits? Carpeting absorbs noise and helps to insulate rooms and hallways, often lowering your heating bills in cooler months.

If you’ve decided carpeting is for you, which option should you choose? There are five kinds to consider. Here’s a breakdown we at Martin’s Flooring hope will help.

  1. Nylon Carpets. The extremely durable fiber is found in 90 percent of homes. That’s likely because it’s hard to find a con for the product that’s come a long way since it was first introduced. Nylon carpeting is found in every price point and suiting every budget.
  2. Polyester Carpet. The stain-resistant flooring protects even against pet-related accidents.
  3. Soft-fiber Carpeting. Looking for an eco-friendly option? Go with soft-fiber. The stain-resistant covering often comes with a lifetime warranty from manufacturers, but beware: you must almost always use a vacuum cleaner on that manufacturer’s approved list or the warranty could be voided.
  4. Wool Carpets. The natural fibers are free of toxins and chemicals and are extremely strong and durable. The flame retardant material is easy to clean and vacuum, too. However, wool is porous and can be expensive. It would not be ideal in a moist or hi-traffic area.
  5. Indoor-Outdoor Carpet. Looking for flooring for a basement or enclosed patio space? This is a great, inexpensive option.

Interested in shopping but hesitant to know what will look perfect in your home or business? Try Martin Flooring’s Shop at Home Service. At no extra cost, you can visit martinsflooring.com and schedule a free in-home consultation. A flooring professional will call you to gather more information about your project and schedule a time to visit, bringing an abundance of samples you can view in your home and under your own lighting to find the perfect fit!

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