If you live in South Central Pennsylvania, you know that it’s not a question of if your carpet in Lancaster will get mud, snow or even ice on it. It’s more a question of when. Winters here may not be as cold as in New England or in western parts of the Keystone State, but you know you can count on at least one or two snowstorms each winter and several thunderstorms — and mud — each spring and summer.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right flooring and carpet in Lancaster homes.

If you’re looking at carpeting, you’ll have decisions to make. Do you want a berber? A plush carpet? What about frieze? Do you want your carpeting to have a pattern, or just be of one solid color. And, most importantly, which color should you choose?

Some tips: a patterned color hides dirt and stains better than one solid color. White and light colors, obviously, showcase any little smudge and speck, so if a room is one you use constantly — and/or you have small children — a darker, patterned carpet may be your best bet.

However, a frieze carpet often hides dirt and stains. A frieze carpet’s fibers are twisted lightly, making them more resistant and able to “hide” footprints. These carpets often are made from softer materials and feel great on your bare feet, making a frieze carpet terrific for high-traffic areas such as family rooms and even bedrooms.

As you’re choosing carpet in Lancaster, ask yourself how you want your rooms to “feel” visually. Are you looking to evoke a sense of warmth, of coziness, or of modernity and freshness?

Carpet colors in nudes, neutrals and beiges are one of the most popular carpeting colors today because they “go” with so many different decorating themes. Naturally, you may have to clean these carpets more often due to the fact that they’ll show stains and wear more quickly than a darker carpet.

If you’re aiming to have a room evoke a feeling of warmth and welcome (such as your living room, library, den or family room), you may want to look into warm-toned colors, such as an orange-ish yellow or even a blue-ish red.

Would your rather evoke a cool, classic look? Aim for light blues and greens.
Don’t forget how the light in any given room will affect the “look” of your carpet in Lancaster. Our winters — with the sun low on the southern horizon even at midday — can make rooms with dark colors downright gloomy. Lighter color carpets actually can help brighten a drab winter’s day.

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