While carpet may still be the flooring of choice in a lot of homes, the amount of homes that are installing hardwood floors has risen over the last 5-10 years and continues to grow today.  If you are looking to add genuine resale value and even more importantly, beauty to your home, installing hardwood flooring is the answer.

The hardwood installed in most homes until the last few years have been 2 ¼ inch solid hardwood, usually oak.  That is changing.  Today, the size, species and color palette for today’s homeowner has grown dramatically.

Here are some of the latest trends.

Wide Plank

Homeowners are definitely moving away from the traditional 2 ¼ inch hardwoods.  3 ¼ inch, 5 inch, even 7 inch wide planks are rapidly gaining in popularity.  If you want to make your living space more modern, go with a wider plank, even consider doing your floors with wood of varied widths.  Wide planks add depth to a room, making it feel larger, rustic and contemporary.

Dark Hardwood

And when we say dark, we mean dark. Ebony and jacobean are popular stains along with espresso. The deep color is a contemporary and classic look that offsets light decor beautifully. The dark color can be more difficult to clean and maintain since it shows scratches more easily, but on the other hand, it camouflages imperfections better.

Gray Hardwood

Gray has been popping up all over interior design trends, in magazine ads and in showrooms.  It is the “new neutral”, but it is so different and unexpected that it is having a harder time gaining a foothold especially in the flooring market in our region.  People want to see it, but usually will turn back to more traditional wood colors.


Whitewashed finishes are not the same as the whitewashed fences and buildings you remember from your childhood.  These are very elegant high-end floors that are a great addition to any home, but like gray hardwood have not really caught on in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  For those who own a summer beach cottage, it is a very popular choice.

Engineered vs. Solid

The advancements in the construction of engineered woods are making this a popular choice for many homeowners, especially when comparing it with laminates; however, in our area, solid hardwoods are still the first choice for the majority of homeowners.

Martin’s Flooring has a large selection of hardwood flooring at all of their locations.  Our product specialists will help you pick out the right wood for your home.

Call on a Martin’s professional for a free in-home consultation. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, Martin’s Flooring also can do all your measuring and installation work. For more information click here.

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