You’re looking for some new flooring for the kitchen.  What you have now is getting old and showing its age.  But the question is, what type of flooring should you get?  One option is vinyl flooring.

One advantage is the many different types and colors available.  Vinyl tile can be cut and placed in a variety of different patterns that have an array of colors and finishes. You can even get tiles that look like wood or ceramic.  Vinyl flooring will add to the atmosphere of almost any room.  You can use the patterns and color of the tile to make a room look smaller or larger.

Another plus of vinyl flooring is the material itself.  Vinyl flooring can help lower noise levels and also make things a little more comfortable for walking.  Compared to other hard floors, such as wood, laminate, terrazo, or ceramic tile, vinyl floors provide a little bit of cushion.

Vinyl flooring also is long lasting.  It holds up well even under heavy foot traffic.  Vinyl resists wetness and stains, so spills can be cleaned up in a jiffy.  Compared to other types of flooring, vinyl is cost effective to install and low-cost in maintenance.

Another good thing about vinyl flooring is that you can get it with slip-resistant surfaces, making it safer to use.

You can get vinyl in both sheet and tile form.  With the tiles, you can get a type called rotovinyl, where the pattern is etched right onto the uppermost layer and then placed under a transparent layer for protection.  With inlaid vinyl, small particles are placed in the vinyl substrate to make a durable pattern.

The top layer of the vinyl flooring is important because this is the layer that takes all the wear and tear. This layer comes in several different types.  There is a no-wax outer layer, which, as its name implies, does not need to be waxed.  It is resistant to stains, easy to clean, and protects the pattern underneath.  Another outer layer is called urethane.  This material is even tougher than the no-wax version, and it never needs any polishing either.  It is also easier to clean.  Finally, there is the urethane that has been reinforced to last even longer and protect even better than regular urethane.

Here at Martin’s Flooring, we have hundreds of different types and patterns of vinyl flooring for you to look at. Won’t you contact us today to learn more about how we can update the look of your home with new flooring at affordable prices? We look forward to hearing from you!

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