Maybe you’ve recently purchased new flooring, or are thinking of starting the process. Choosing the right installation professionals is crucial to the expected outcome of your flooring project. Sometimes the anxiety of the installation process can overshadow the joy of the new flooring purchase, but it does not have to be that way, especially when you use Martin’s Flooring.  We have built a reputation at Martin’s of providing quality installations of all flooring products that almost always have exceeded the customer’s expectations. We work hard to make sure the customer is happy with the finished project.

What makes Martin’s Flooring Installations Different?

  • Martin’s has been awarded the flooring industry’s highest standards for providing Installation Excellence year after year since 1995.
  • Every Martin’s installation is guaranteed for the life of the particular product installed.
  • Martin’s also offers an industry exclusive, Healthier Living Installation™.
  • Our installation crews are trained, courteous professionals.

We really try and prepare the homeowner for what they can expect on the day their flooring is installed.  We provide literature that addresses some of the issues that may come up, so homeowners are made aware of them. We want to make sure that the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few.

Removing Old Carpet: 
If the homeowner chooses to remove their old carpet themselves, we advise them to open their windows allowing fresh air to enter while the carpet and pad are removed.  We also ask that they vacuum or sweep the sub floor to remove any remaining dust and dirt.  Or, why not let our flooring professionals do the job.  We’ve found that most homeowners prefer having our installers remove and dispose of their old carpet and padding.  They will be thorough, efficient and make sure the subfloor is ready for the new flooring.

Moving Furniture:
 We do move furniture, but ask that breakable items be removed by the homeowner.  Our guys are careful, but we can’t be responsible if items that are not moved get broken when they are moved.  In bedrooms, we ask that the beds be stripped and items removed from the floors in the closets.  In the kitchen and utility rooms, we ask that all appliances be disengaged by the homeowner.  The same is true in bathrooms.  We can help arrange the moving of your toilet by a plumber, or you can arrange one yourself.  Our guys are trained flooring installers, not licensed plumbers.

 Typically base moldings are removed and reinstalled for all hard surface installations.  Our guys are extremely careful, but depending on the backing on the new carpet, there may be some minor scratching.

Dust and Dirt: 
Although our installers use great care to keep down dust and dirt, in some installations that may not be possible.  We can’t guarantee “no dust”, but we will work extremely hard to minimize it.

Carpet Seams:
 Carpet seams are not invisible.  This is quite normal and should be expected.  Our installers always try and place the seams in areas that will minimize their appearance whenever possible.  The thinner the carpet pile, the more prominent the seams will show.

 Most carpets retain some loose fibers after they leave the mills.  These fibers often appear as balls or fluff on the surface of your carpet or in your vacuum cleaner.  Over time, these will work themselves out and go away.

 Many materials, including some associated with flooring removal and installation, can have an effect on indoor air quality, please allow fresh air in your home to help dissipate odors.
These are things we like to make homeowners aware of before we come out to install their flooring.  Properly installed flooring adds beauty and value to your home, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Your Martin’s sales and product specialist would be happy to answer any other questions about the installation process.  For more information click here or call any of our stores.

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