Martin’s Flooring carries an exclusive wool carpet brand from New Zealand called, “Just Shorn”.  Wool carpet is the “Cadillac” of carpets so to speak. Many flooring professionals feel wool is hands down the best carpet fiber on the market today. While opinions will differ, here are some facts on wool carpet. Wool is the perfect example of a green flooring product. It is renewable, highly durable, biodegradable and with low toxic content. At the other end of the scale, petrochemical based carpets contain as many as 120 chemicals and can adversely affect indoor air quality. Natural wool is extremely durable having a lifespan of between 25 to 50 years, far longer than its synthetic equivalent. It does not off–gas, so has no effect on indoor air quality. Wool carpet is soft, odor free and air purifying. In addition, wool absorbs noxious gases and contaminants, is a good insulator, is sound resistant and releases soil easily. Wool is non–toxic, non–allergenic and resists bacterial growth. Wool is able to regulate humidity because it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water vapor due to the unique composition of its fibers. It is also able to absorb contaminants like sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde. The icing on the cake is that natural wool is fire resistant.

A wool carpet or rug will age gracefully and over time will develop a rich patina which will enhance its appearance. Regardless of age, wool rugs and carpets remain vibrant and supple. Wool truly has a distinctive class of its own!

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