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harrisburg laminate hardwood floors


Traffic After Installation

Following installation, clean with appropriate brand Laminate Cleaner.


Protecting the Floor

Place walk-off mats at the entrances of your home to collect small bits of gravel or dirt that may track in on shoes.

Place felt floor protectors under the legs of chairs, sofas, TV stands, tables and other easily moveable furniture. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the wider the floor protector should be.

Use only clean, rubber caster wheels.


Routine Maintenance

Vacuum, use a dust mop or wipe with a damp cloth to remove loose dust and dirt.

For spills, just wipe with with a cloth or sponge. For spot cleaning you can also use the appropriate brand laminate cleaner and a clean sponge or cloth. Lightly spray the floor and wipe. It's that easy!

Do not use soap-based detergents or "mop and shine" products, as these may leave a dull film on your floor.


Spring Cleaning

To clean the entire floor, use an appropriate brand Laminate Cleaner, follow directions on the bottle to dilute in the appropriate amount of clean, warm water and damp mop the floor using a cotton string mop. Be sure the mop is damp – not dripping.

Laminate flooring, like other types of smooth floors, can become slippery when wet. Allow time for floor to dry after washing.



NEVER use scouring powder, steel wool or abrasive cleaners on the floor. Do not wax, polish or sand the floor.


Cleaning up Tough Spots



  • Shoe polish, nail polish, oil, tar, markets, scuffs, etc.
  • Chocolate, grease, juice, wine
  • Candle wax, chewing gum


  • Use acetone or household solvent; wipe with damp rag
  • Warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner
  • Carefully scrape off when hardened