Outdoor Carpet

Does outdoor carpet make you think of the green astro-turf looking carpet of the 70s? You can put that memory to rest. With a large selection of textures and colors outdoor carpeting is much more than that.

Choosing Outdoor Carpeting

We have almost 30 years experience installing carpet in Southeast Pennsylvania. With locations in Denver, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Wyomissing, PA, we have a design consultant and installation team near you.

Pros of Outdoor Carpeting

Perhaps the best known benefit of indoor-outdoor carpet is that it is relatively inexpensive. This type of carpeting is normally used in areas that are prone to moisture. Tile is another option used in these areas. When you compare the cost of ceramic or porcelain tile to indoor-outdoor carpeting, you can save hundreds of dollars in a single room.

Indoor-outdoor carpeting offers the added advantage of versatile installation. You can choose to install the carpet temporarily or permanently. The key is the multiple mediums that can be used during the installation process.

The very nature of the fibers used in indoor-outdoor carpeting make the medium very durable. It is not unheard of for indoor-outdoor carpeting to wear well for decades.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of indoor-outdoor carpeting is that it is highly moisture resistant. Since the carpet’s fibers do not absorb moisture, the carpet resists stains, mold, and mildew as well. These qualities make indoor-outdoor carpeting your best option around hot tubs, in basements, or on a enclosed patio area.

The Downside of Outdoor Carpeting

Despite advances in texture and hues, indoor-outdoor carpeting remains a less comfortable option than other types of carpet. The moisture resistance desired of this type of carpeting makes it a bit coarser and harsher feeling. These features make it less desirable for most areas of your home.