Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet has been transformed into an exceptionally stain and fade resistant flooring option for the budget-minded consumer. It has many of the qualities of nylon carpet at a fraction of the cost. Despite its many good points, polyester is not the perfect solution for every carpeting need.

Choosing Polyester Carpets

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Pros of Polyester Carpet

Stain resistance is probably the most compelling reason to choose one type of carpet over another. Polyester carpet offers natural and permanent stain resistance. Polyester even has an extreme resistance to pet urine stains.

Modern polyester fibers offer a softness that will not be found in many other carpeting materials.

Many polyester carpets are made with a high recycled material content. For example, Shaw’s New ClearTouch consists of 25 percent recycled material.

Color is embedded into each fiber as polyester carpet is manufactured. This method of dying ensures that polyester carpet will not fade for many, many years. In most cases, polyester will not fade even when it is exposed to intense sunlight, bleach, or other harsh chemicals.

Cons of Polyester Carpet

There is only one drawback to polyester carpet…resilience. Even that is not a major drawback for the material. Polyester is a resilient fiber, just not as resilient as nylon. Even the most well-constructed polyester carpet will not wear as well as a similarly well-constructed nylon.

That is not to say that polyester is not a durable fiber. It is a great material to use in bedrooms, sun rooms, or other rooms where the foot traffic is not extremely heavy. If you choose a higher pile and medium-high density carpet, you will be able to ensure long term appearance retention and wear.